The Trainer

We Train Dogs And Teach Owners

I’ve always loved being around dogs. I’m fascinated by their willingness to learn and to please. Their behaviour can teach us humans much more then we think.

I was involved in an unfortunate incident and was forced to euthanize my dog Wicca. A dog that literally saved my life six months prior. Long story short the whole ordeal helped me decide on taking a new career path. Working with dogs on a professional level. I made it my mission to help others understand why dog training is important to help build a strong relationship, achieve positive results and most importantly properly understanding a dog’s behaviour.

I started my studies with Master Dog Trainer Harry Kalajian from Montreal Dog Trainers Network. Focused on behaviour Harry helped me understand the ethology to develop my skills.

When I started my courses I had Princess a rescue dog that helped me figure out what I needed to focus on. She came to me with a bunch of problems; separation anxiety, fearful, dog/dog aggressive in certain situation, leash reactive, couldn’t crate her, destructive and much more not to mention a high pray drive yes all this in one dog. That was my test, my personal goal at the time how was I going to help this dog. A few months of hard work and lots of learning she became whole new dog. Now she’s training in the field of Narcotics and Mould Detection I also have my “side chick” Momma her son Zeus and my social specialist Jax.