Why dog training?


Dog training is very important for ALL dogs. Properly training a dog helps eliminate behavioural problems, helps keep good manners and etiquette and obedience training is the foundation of it all.

Obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog. Unlike what some might think, even a OK dog should have training, it’s like saying “children don’t need to go to school because they are well behaved”. Dog training in general allows us to better communicate with our dog. Furthermore, it makes for a happier and more willing dog that requires fewer restrictions and is more reliable, which will ultimately give the dog more freedom.

There will be no need to “hide” a well-trained dog in fear of him being a nuisance or an embarrassment . Moreover, a well trained dog is a pleasure to own because he/she can go virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others. Don’t we all want a good mannered dog when we have guests in our home, reliable around children, and who won’t react to other dogs or pedestrians?  Dog training not only teach good manners, boundaries, and structure but also builds confidence that creates a more relaxed state of mind in uncomfortable and/or unfamiliar situations.

To obtain a perfectly obedient dog it takes persistency, consistency, repetition and patience. It is best to begin in his puppy days, as early as three months old. At this stage, the puppy is learning to learn. After the age of five months, disobedience should not be overlooked.

For more advanced training, such as agility training and scent work (nose work) it can be begun profitably before the age of 10 months. Training such as protection and security should not begin before the age of 10 months.