Security / Family Protection

Most people assume their dog will instinctively protect them due to what they see in their dog’s character & temperament or breed. Some dogs when faced with an aggressor would likely back away, freeze or retreat. With proper training, the dog will have the confidence to stand its ground and move toward instead of shying away.

Seirios K9 helps develop and bring out the natural instincts to respond either by intimidating and/or seize the aggressor. A good candidate for defence work would be a dominant dog.(Do not mistake dominance for aggression). For this program, all dogs will be tested for their obedience, temperament, character, socialization behaviour and drive. The dogs that would likely be accepted would have to have a high level of obedience.

The owner must have control of the dog on and off leash. The dog must be well socialized with people. Aggressive dogs will NOT be accepted. This program is not intended to make any dog aggressive all actions of the dog is solely the responsibility of the owner.

At what age is it best to start at? You can start as early as 5-6 months of age. For puppies we start by bringing out their natural instincts and elevating their prey drive.
The best age for full defence work would be around 12-18 months old and who has completed obedience. *Not all dogs are suitable for protection.


The dog will learn to intimidate the “aggressor” by growling, snarling, barking or lunging on command.

Level 2:  BITE WORK
As in level 1, the dog will learn to intimidate with one (1) command followed by a bite with another command.

The dog will also learn to:
  • Chase and take down any aggressor.
  • Jump in/out of car doors.
  • Jump out of house doors.
  • Desensitize the dog with a variety of methods and tools from multiple weapons an aggressor may use.