Behavioural Solutions / Rehabilitation

Behavioural Solutions

  • Pulling
  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping
  • Leash reactive
  • Chewing
  • Aggression
  • Digging
  • Anxiety
  • House training
  • Fearful
  • Counr surfing

And much more…

Seirios K9 Academy specializes in rehabilitation. We handle countless cases even helped a few from being euthanized. We don’t back down from any challenges your dog may offer even if other trainers refused your dog or said it’s impossible to “fix” we have the skills, knowledge and patience needed to help with any issue big or small. In case you are wondering we are fully insured specifically for this type of work. 
Understanding the behaviour is the first step for rehabilitation followed by obedience training and creating structure, boundaries and leadership However lack of training is not the only culprit for bad behaviour ex: poor diet (low quality food), environment and illness (medical) are also some of the factors that alter a dog’s behaviour.

There are so many dogs ending up in pounds, shelters or even euthanized due to behaviour problems that could have been prevented with proper understanding. Knowledge is not only power… it saves lives.

All dogs go back home with a written report of any suggestions and exercises to progress with success. When working with certain behavioural issues we cannot guarantee results due to several factors, Age, Sex, Breed, Character & Temperament to mention a few.

We are here to help you as much as possible every step of the way. With certain issues that cannot be corrected, we will modify that behaviour as best as possible.

Are you shopping?

We understand people like to “shop around” for the best prices out there but sometimes the “best price” isn’t always best option specially with aggression issues. Obedience Training is not the same as rehabilitating obedience is part of the process. Be vigilant and do proper research of the training school you wish to choose, make sure they have successful results with the type of behaviour and for the love of the dog if medication is the 1st option and only option please get a second opinion.