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Seirios K9 Academy are certified professional dog trainers, we have extensive knowledge in the field of dog training. The most important element that we have experienced throughout the years of training is that we, humans, limit what our dogs learn. Could be because we are scared, we don’t know how to introduce something new or we think that the dog is too old or not “smart” enough to be able to learn. What if I tell you it’s never too late you can teach almost any dog whatever you want with Persistency, Consistency, Patience and Repetition. 

The majority of schools only teach dogs how to perform simple tricks, which leaves owners feeling helpless, discouraged and makes them give up. They can’t even have control in situations like taking their dog out for a walk, for instance. Within all our dog training programs we teach dogs the necessary obedience and leash manners. Moreover, we teach owners how to properly execute obedience commands and how to maintain control of their dog in any given situation. We like to teach owners all the “dog training secrets” and how to introduce new commands. We do this because we delight in the joy owners get when they succeed, not to mention seeing their confidence elevates.

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