Seirios K9 academy

 We train dogs and teach owners

Why Seirios K9 Academy

We value our clients. We do not discriminate dog breeds; we work with all dog breeds, young or old, small or big. Our dog training programs meet and exceed the criteria of the CKC and AKC Canine Good Neighbour program and Canine Good Citizen program.

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Why dog training?

Dog training is very important it helps eliminate about 85% of common behaviour problems. Good obedience training is the foundation of it all.

Training Methods and tools


Trainers that claim that their methodology is better than the other’s should change careers. What they are really saying is that they don’t know how to implement (use) other methods, nor do they understand any other techniques.

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Give your dog the education he/she deserve

1-on-1  training

Our unique dog training and coaching programs enables us to work with the whole family.

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Board & Train

Our board and train programs have a very high success rate within a short time frame. Basically, you get back a fully trained dog in just a few weeks

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Behavioural Solutions & Rehabilitation

Many dog owners are aware of common dog behaviour problems and wonder why dogs exhibit these behaviour that discourage most dog owners.

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Protection / Security




Career in Canine Training


What some of our clients have to say

“I just wanted to send you a little note to thank you for the great work you have done with Mika. We have not had any problems with her.  The thief in her has subsided and she has become a real angel without horns”

Lydia O.
K-9 Mika

“I had to come on and post this Chris..I am babysitting a little dog this weekend and she goes nuts barking at be every time she sees me…can not control her at all.. but Sierra has been an absolute angel thanks to your training. For her to be around this doggy that is going crazy and she stays calm and still listens to commands is quite something. So thank you once again for taking out little baby and turning her into a calm dog that actually listens even with this yapper going nuts � you are amazing at what you do.”

Laurie W.
K-9 Sierra

“Chris made the impossible, possible with my skittish GSD!!!! She is now sure of herself and oh..soooooo…attentive and well mannered!! Can’t thank Chris enough! She is now the dog I’ve always wanted”

Lynn Z.
K-9 Lexi

“We brought our Bernese Mountain Dog (a rambunctious puppy of 8 months) to board and train with Chris for 3 weeks and we are thrilled with the results. Before her training she would bite, jump, eat everything made of paper, and was not obedient. At 8 months and 80 pounds she became overbearing and sometimes aggressive and we were unable to control her. Since her 3 week boot camp she is a wonderful, obedient, well behaved and loving puppy. We are very thankful to have found Chris who really pays attention to your expectations as a dog owner. At first we were hesitant about using an e-collar but Chris discussed its pros and cons at length as well as all of the other collar options. As of today, the benefits of the e-collar are outstanding, with the pup no worse for wear. We rarely keep her on a leash because she is so obedient. We trust Chris completely, found him to be honest and attentitive to our needs. We highly recommend Chris and Seirios k9 Academy to anyone.”

Haward S.
K-9 Winnie

“We took our 2 dogs to see Chris. Our first guy benji (shitzu/schnauzer mix) had an issue with agression when u touched his paws and basic house breaking ( pee and poo anywhere). Our second Gizmo had a problem with basic house breaking and attention. After spending time with Chris (3 weeks) benji has come back no agression we can touch his paws and gizmo is now a gentleman In the house and now listens. We thank you so much for your help Chris, with a baby on the way having two well mannered dogs makes it so much more easier and less stressful. For all our future dog needs you have gained us as clients. Thanks again”

Cory & Christina
K-9 Benji & Gizmo

“Chris has helped me greatly in understanding canine behavior and is an excellent mentor. If you need your dog trained, he’s the man!!!”

Sheldon R
Dog Trainer & MDTN Student

Our Awesome Team

Chris Papakostas


I’ve always loved being around animals and more fascinated by their willingness to learn and please, their behaviour can teach us humans much more then we think. Being around a lot of dogs I noticed that I had a natural ability to understand, gaining their confidence and willingness to listen.

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